Thursday, June 5, 2008

national stationery show 2008

three weeks ago was such a whirlwind. gilah press + design had been preparing for our third time at the national stationery show for months and it was finally time to put all of our hard work on display!

we spent hours putting together dozens of press kits. they took up more room than we thought:

these little notepads were given away at the show. they were a hit:

about two hundred catalogs were put together by hand with help from our intern maggie:

whitney's husband jacob even pitched in and built us a pair of beautiful dollies:

and then it was off to new york...


putting up the booth was relatively painless since we had the help of our intern justin and kat's husband adam this time around (usually it's just us three girls, or just two of us):

we put up all of our cards and made sure they were positioned perfectly:

in the end our booth turned out great!

after the show we wandered around times square...

...and met up with a great pair of letterpress people from australia that we met at the show earlier.

their company, chapel press, puts out some really beautiful letterpress work. it was so cool to share funny stories about our company with them and vice versa. all the little quirks and things about the letterpress business can be really fun to discuss when the other person actually understands what you're talking about!

all in all it was a fabulous show. we had a blast running into our regular buyers while also making some great new contacts. we're looking forward to next year!