Friday, August 1, 2008

d*s biz ladies meet-up: recap

the d*s biz ladies meet-up was fantastic! each of the speakers gave tons of helpful tips and advice about having a small art/design-related business. grace was kind enough to put a bunch of notes in PDF form on her website, so check those out.

at the event there were plently of snacks and sweets to eat:

grace stood on a chair to get everyone's attention:

here's kat about to give her second talk. each of the speakers gave their talk four times since there were four groups that switched around the room every 25 minutes:

and here i am with grace. i felt like a total fan girl nerd but she was a total sweetheart about it:

after the event we decided to eat out at rocket to venus where we knew our new intern sheena was working. she kindly took a picture of all of us at the table (at this point we had called our boys to come over to the restaurant to meet us):

and then cory took a picture of kat, sheena, and myself (we're just missing whitney--she was sick!):

it was a great night.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

d*s biz ladies meet-up

tomorrow (thursday), grace of design*sponge will be at the american visionary art museum for the d*s biz ladies meet-up. she will give advice specifically aimed towards ladies starting up a small business or for those already running their own businesses. marketing, press releases, retail information, legal issues and more will all be covered. kat, the big boss here at gilah press + design, will tell her story of starting up a business she was passionate about that eventually became successful. the girls of double dutch boutique will also be speaking at the event.

again, the meet-up will take place at the american visionary art museum (3rd floor, jim rouse visionary center) on thursday, july 31st from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. remember, it's free! if you decide to come please bring a small potluck-style snack or drink to share. see you there!

(rosie the riveter image from d*s)