Friday, February 11, 2011

the cosgroves

We recently printed this stationery set for the Cosgroves, a young family in Baltimore. The design reflected both their interest in minimal compositions—with bright colors and strong contrast—as well as the warmth and importance of home. The half-tone is an image of their row house in Charles Village.

These were printed on 110lb Crane's Lettra Fluorescent White with a little neon ink to boost the 'pop' of the red. The large solid areas took a lot of ink and impression so a slower run was necessary for the paper to really take in the color and impact.

The amount of time the inked form is in contact with the paper (also known as the dwell) can change the look of the final print. A faster run will apply less ink to the form, and a lighter hit to the paper will result in a saltier look of large areas. And while saltiness is something we love about letterpress, some designs might require a little more coverage and time.