Friday, November 6, 2009

new presses!

we recently acquired two new presses on a total whim since they were such a deal. in order to make space for the new presses, all new electrical wiring and a lot of rearranging had to be done. it was nuts around here for a while, but then it was finally time to welcome home our new babies.

here are our old presses in their new location:

and this is the big empty hole the old presses used to live in that will soon be filled with pretty machines:

here's a shot of one of the new presses coming into our space. the guys who helped us were very sweet and worked surprisingly well together, even when faced with the difficult task of moving such heavy machinery. now that's patience:

our old chandler in press is in it's usual spot on the left, but now it has friends:

the first new press we got. see all that rust? eventually someone's gonna hafta clean it up, and it's probably gonna be me (it's actually a nice change from being on the computer all day):

it even has a cute little bell! it makes a very satisfying ding sound:

this is the second press. i like to call it our mystery press. we're not quite sure what it is. we've researched like crazy and even looked for help on professional letterpress forums, but we still have no idea. now we're thinking it's some kind of franken-press, pieced together from other machines to create one crazy scary press. spooky!