Sunday, October 26, 2008

pulp, ink and hops 2008

the date snuck up on us so quickly, but the pulp, ink and hops trade show was almost here! it was time to get off our butts and start preparing.

maggie lent a very helpful hand and finished putting together the rest of our notebook giveaways:

and like last year, we wanted to have an open house a few weeks after the show, so i designed this poster to give away to anyone who was interested in checking out the studio and seeing a letterpress demonstration:

even if you didn't get a poster, you should definitely come if you can. it's happening thursday, november 13th from 6-9pm. we even have a band booked to play, so come check it out!

anyway, this is what the plate for the poster looked like when it was inked and ready to be printed onto the chipboard:

cool, huh?

this year's pulp, ink and hops show took place at geppi's entertainment museum near the inner harbor in downtown baltimore. since we were one of the first vendors there we nabbed a prime parking spot that made loading and unloading easy as cake! we brought up all of our stuff and started piecing together the booth. it started out like this...

and eventually turned into this:

aren't the vintage comic books behind the booth a great touch? the museum houses tons of american pop culture items. if you're ever in baltimore, make it a must-visit non-art museum.

after a fabulous show where we made lots of new friends and caught up with old ones, i managed to get someone to take a photo of us at our booth. we're wearing fangs in the first one (though mine just made my mouth look all weird. i didn't do it right...):

yay, trade shows! so good talking with everyone, as usual. hope to see you at the open house!