Friday, November 13, 2009

organization is awesome

our basement got the best of us just a few months ago. the basement holds the bulk of our product and it used to be difficult to go down there and grab exactly what we needed without tripping over boxes and searching through random bags and dark corners. what should have been a five minute trip to the basement would turn into a half-hour hunt for samples and cards. it had gotten way out of hand and it was time to take action!

sadly, i managed to miss the bulk of the basement organization because i was on my honeymoon (mwahaha!), but kat, whit and anyone else they could get their hands on transformed what was once a scary dark dungeon of doom into a space we were no longer afraid to step into. we even show it off to our clients that come visit the studio.

i searched around for some "before" photos but didn't come up with anything, but here are the impressive "after" photos...

this is what you see once you get to the bottom of the stairs: row after beautiful row of box and tin samples, business cards, wedding invitations, whatever. everything is clearly labeled and within reach. it's seriously amazing:

when you turn to your right you'll notice gorgeously organized shelves of paper and envelopes, organized by size and color:

and here are all the envelopes and sleeves we use to package our greeting cards. the cork surface is perfect for putting together card shipments. it's actually pretty fun to work down in the basement now:

in addition to the basement, we decided to create a job board to keep everyone on track with the tasks for the next week, month, etc. it's very helpful knowing that we're all on the same page:

and before all of this, whitney had put together her own job board to keep the print jobs organized:

breathe in. breathe out. ahhh. our minds are much clearer and i think we feel more at peace with the space now. can't beat that.