Friday, June 5, 2009

national stationery show 2009

so we're only a few weeks late with our national stationery show recap. that's not too bad, right? okay, okay, sorry about that. let's be civil and get on with it...

here's the nice mess we made before we left for new york. whitney took a lot of time to make sure every single sample was flawless. good job.

and here they are at the javitz center putting together the walls of the booth. for some reason they seem to be ENJOYING themselves. smiles are usually never seen on set-up day. be thankful i was there to capture this rare moment. and that drill right there? pretend you don't see that. tools aren't allowed at the javitz center but we trust you won't tell on us...

kat specifically asked me to take this photo to show you all how perfectly these boxes fit into the cabinets we brought with us. aren't we just so organized? we were very proud of ourselves!

more finalization of the set up. when samples started getting hung on the walls we got super excited. it's really fun seeing everything come together in just a few hours.

check this out. we got this awesome little ladder thing to lean against one of the walls to display our new notebooks! and of course, we had to letterpress the "new" sign on the top. consistency is key.

and this is how the booth looked when it all finally came together. ah, gorgeous.

woohoo! it was a lot of fun seeing old friends and meeting new people as usual.