Friday, June 3, 2011

New/Old Machinery Calls Gilah Home

Before the Stationery Show we obtained a new Chandler and Price press! Unfortunately we weren't able to get an old press out of our hair in time, so with the help of some friends the old press was moved to another place in the studio to make way for the new one.

Chris, Jessica's boyfriend, was up on the truck getting the new press secure enough to be rolled into our studio...

...while we all stared and worried ourselves to death (from left to right: Jessica, Erin and Whitney). Was the truck's bed close enough to the door? Would the press fall over? Would it go as smoothly as we were hoping?! Only time would tell.

After what seemed like an eternity, the new press was finally rolled into place. Quite easily, at that. Yay!

Just a couple weeks later, Jessica and Chris purchased a retro General Electric fridge from a local antique shop. Jess and Chris didn't have the ability to bring it into their current apartment, so we decided to let the fridge live at our studio for now.

We were really excited about the built-in wine rack and the fact that all the shelves turn outward and all the way around!

There's nothing quite like gorgeous new/old machinery to brighten our day.

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Vintageappliguy said...

just thought you would like to know that your fridge dates from 1956